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Game #74: Cook vs Taubenheim

I have to drive from the middle of Pennsylvania back to Vermont today, so I'll probably not be around later to put up a game thread. Subsequently, the thread goes up way early today and doesn't have anything really noteworthy to say. To preserve our series win streak, or at least to give us a chance to preserve it tomorrow, Cook needs to come out with a shut down performance and if the Rockies' bats could register another performance like last night, it should be enough. I can't remember the last time Matt Holliday had two bad games at the plate in a row, so expect a return to form from him tonight also.

Update [2007-6-23 10:57:47 by Russ]: Ty Taubenheim makes his first start of 2007, filling in for A.J. Burnett. Taubenheim made his big league debut last year on May 20 against the Rockies. Atkins had a homer off him in that game, and Brad Hawpe had a triple.