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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

Still scheduled to make his next start later this week, Jason Hirsh will remain in the rotation for now. As the article's title suggests, Hirsh will have all eyes on him this Wednesday against Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs. If he doesn't get on track again, might we see a change shortly after that game ends?


Bill Madden of the New York Daily News wants to find a parallel between the Rockies and Yankees, but the answers he gets don't.

So just what is it with these Colorado Rockies, who took the broom to the Yankees with such ease this week in continuing a May surge? Their streak, 20 wins in 28 games entering last night, makes you wonder if this is just one of those quirky things in which everyone gets hot at the same time against less-than-formidable opponents.

Fair enough. But if that was the answer, then Madden obviously wouldn't be writing this piece.

Understandably, however, Rockies manager Clint Hurdle doesn't see it that way. [...] "With those guys plus Todd (Helton) doing his regular thing in the cleanup spot, we're getting a lot of production across the board, and our shortstop has really grown and become a playmaker," Hurdle said by phone from Toronto, where the Rockies are wrapping up interleague play.

Well, would anyone else say that Helton is "doing his regular thing in the cleanup spot?" Helton's doing his new thing and the burden of the offense is no longer on him. And that's a positive. If this season is any indication, the team is moving out of the shadows of its past players.

Still, when Hurdle goes on to cite the recent success of his bullpen, particularly his setup trio of Jorge Julio, LaTroy Hawkins and Jeremy Affeldt, he evokes the old skepticism. Those guys need to do it consistently for a couple of months before we can conclude the Rockies are for real.

Or, you know, the starting pitching and bullpen don't let a team such as the Blue Jays come alive with the bats. Or run into bad umpiring. It's just not one thing that needs to be consistent for the Rockies to be real.