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Game #77: Lopez vs. Lilly

Maybe the Rockies need this game to be canceled due to the rain, though it looks as if it won't be. Or maybe they need this game so they can quickly forget about last night's debacle. We certainly want to forget about it, along with that other one back in May that we don't speak about.

Francis wasn't the stopper last night, but maybe Lopez can be in this contest. He's had three straight outings in which he's given up two runs and has picked up the win in two of them. But that just might mean it's time for a bad outing.

Go Rockies!


If you're not up for following the game or things go south quickly, there's always the SBN Sports Report:

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Tonight on the SB Nation Sports Report, SB Nation's official podcast, it's our NBA pre-Draft love-a-thon. The NBA Draft is around the corner, and we will focus on the hopes and dreams of every NBA team crappy enough to miss last year's post-season. Pradamaster of Bullets Forever will join us, as will TheBigLead from to talk NBA Draft, Greg Oden's ugly party pictures, and Kevin Durant's pipe cleaners. Also, in case you've been living under a rock, Tank Johnson got cut in Chicago. Adam from Windy City Gridiron will stop by to tell us what Bears fans think of Tank getting tanked in Chi-town.

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