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Friday Morning Rockpile:

I wouldn't doubt that there are only 64 Rockies fans left. And all of us will be back for tonight's game.

Is Todd Helton in a "June swoon" or is this just who the new Todd Helton really is? Oh, Clint Barmes, Ryan Speier, Matt Herges, and Sean Barker made the PCL's Triple-A All-Star team.

Too add on some more misery, let's be reminded that Craig Biggio could have been a Rockie, but the old GM wasn't really interested.

Anyone think this happened between O'Dowd and Hurdle over the past few games:

Photo from NY Daily News

I'll end things on a happier note: 2006 Rockies draftee Bryan Jaeger was paralyzed after falling into a runoff ditch. He's been rehabbing, and yesterday he visited the Rockies at Minute Maid Park. All the best, Bryan!