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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

Tulo is expected to sit out today's contest after leaving with tightness in his right groin. As long as Troy doesn't have this guy's right groin, there shouldn't be any reason to worry.

And as the first linked article states, the Rockies have a chance to win their second home series of the season. It's really, really bad that the Rockies haven't won a home series since they took two of three from the D'Backs to start the season.


Woody Paige laments the lack of homers hit by the Rockies this season.


Holliday is is upset over how his injury has been portrayed.


Update [2007-6-3 11:22:20 by Russ]: As Squeaky points out, you should all read Silverblood's latest blog entry about her time at the game yesterday.