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Saturday Pebble Report:

Draft Signings: As Prospector noted in the game thread a couple of slots down, the Rockies have agreed to terms with second round pick Brian Rike, as well as 44th round selection Chad Lembeck. Rike's the biggie, unless Lembeck proves a real steal, and he should quickly establish himself as one of the system's best outfield prospects.

Tri-City: Yeah, I'm skipping several slots in the system, but after losing eight straight at the big league level, I don't want to look at bad losses anywhere else. And they were all bad.

In this one, Sheng An Kuo came out with another solid start, a bit less so than his previous two outings, particularly in regards to his walk (4) and groundball rates, but he did strike out seven in just under seven innings and allowed just four hits and a run. Only one of the hits went for extra bases, a double, so despite the nine fly-outs, it looks like he's still generating pretty weak contact from the opposition. The Dust Devils won 6-1, with a three run Darin Holcomb homerun being the big blow. Helder Velazquez had three hits, and five other Dust Devils had two apiece.