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Tuesday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs, L 4-5 in 11 innings: Desi Relaford, member of the 2005 Rockies team, hit a double off Josh Newman in the bottom of the 11th to score the winning run. Bobby Keppel allowed two runs over 6 1/3 innings but Ryan Speier collapsed in the ninth when he walked three and allowed two runs to score and tie the game.

The theme of the night for the hitters was to go 2-for or 0-for as Barmes, Bellorin, Smith and Alexis Gomez had two hits and everyone else, except for Sean Barker (one hit), had no hits.

Tulsa: The TL was off for the night.

Modesto, L 5-8: It was not a good night for Nuts pitchers. Chaz Roe went seven innings, allowed five runs and walked and struck out four. That had Roe on hook for the loss, but a three-run eighth tied the game at five. Pedro Strop came in for the ninth, walked the first batter and allowed a single to see the first run cross the plate. He then served up a two-run homer to put the Nuts down by three.

The offense combined for six doubles, two by Neil Wilson and Young, Fowler, Nelson and Garner with the others. Half of those doubles came in the eighth when EY Jr. and Fowler doubled in back-to-back at-bats and Neil Wilson drove in two on his double a couple batters later.

Asheville, L 2-7: Keith Weiser had an iffy outing as he allowed five runs on 10 hits in five innings. He allowed his ninth homer of the season and picked off a runner. Zach Simons relieved for the next three innings saw two pitches become solo home runs. Will Harris struck out two in the ninth.

Jay Cox returned to the lineup after being benched the previous game and had two doubles. Daniel Mayora had three hits, one was a double, and Anthony Jackson had his seventh triple. Hector Gomez was hit by a pitch in the eighth and was replaced with Geoff Strickland. There's nothing about it in the A C-T, but if someone was listening at that point . . .