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Monday Morning Rockpile:

Ramon Ramirez' latest blow-up in the pen yesterday seems to have moved him one step closer to a trip to Colorado Springs to work things out. He'd be optioned down once Josh Fogg returns, with Hurdle's least favorite of the Fogg, Buchholz, Hirsh trio taking his spot in the bullpen while the other two start.

Of course, every time Rami does this now, it tries to dreg up memories of a Sunday two weeks prior to yesterday,. Which, I might add, that for a day that I have on multiple occasions tried to erase from my conscience, it seems remarkably resillient at pounding itself back in. It doesn't help when others keep bringing it up, too. And I thought that was going to be a happy memory article at The Hardball Times. No. They go there. Great. More night tremors and therapist bills this month, I see.

Kaz Matsui has been the sixth most valuable second baseman in the majors when he's in the lineup this season according to his VORP rate. In the NL he ranks third behind Chase Utley and Kelly Johnson. He joins Todd Helton, Matt Holliday, and Brad Hawpe as Rockies in the top three at their positions in the NL in this regard. Tulo and Taveras rank middle of the pack at their positions, while Atkins and Torre-netta are at or near the bottom at theirs. If Garrett's really back, then this team will start winning with a much greater frequency.