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Tuesday Morning Rockplie:

In case anyone's forgotten, Houston has that guy on their team that we used to have before last December. No, he's not pitching during this series, but the guys in the broadcast booth are going to bring him up quite a bit, right?

Who's won the trade so far, according to the article? No one, or at least it's hard to determine. I'd give a the edge to the Rockies since they are closer to a .500 record, but if Jennings hadn't gone on the DL and missed six weeks, might the Astros be closer to .500? The answer to that is in the article as it tells us that Jennings has a lack of run support in four starts. Same problem as always.

Houston Chronicle writer Richard Justice likes the deal for the Rockies.

Rockies franchise > Cubs franchise?


Brad Hawpe's been good lately. He was named Player of the Week for May 28-June 3.


Dan checks in with his Up in the Rockies Manifesto. He brings up some good points, most of which I agree with (2-7). As for number one, I'm just not a fan of symbolic gestures and that's what the site is really; I'm not saying the point is wrong or that the site shouldn't exist, but that maybe it's the best thing to happen to Rockies fans this decade. As Dan writes, the website shows that fans still care.