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Wednesday Rockpile:

Apparently Dan O'Dowd hasn't ruled out Jay Witasick or Jose Mesa for making a return to the Rockies' bullpen. Witasick will likely be desired by several teams, and might require a trade to bring in. I doubt Mesa will be wanted by anybody else at this point, and that thought frightens me.

There's a cryptic statement from Clint Hurdle regarding the decision to restore the rotation to it's opening day alignment and return Taylor Buchholz to the bullpen:

"We took all three pitchers, mixed and matched their seasons, their quality starts vs. their not-good starts, their runners on base per innings pitched and there wasn't much (difference). At this point, we wanted to challenge (Jason) Hirsh and (Josh) Fogg, but we let (Taylor) Buchholz know that at no point does this close the door (to him starting)."

I'm particularly hung up on his use of the word "challenge" in this light, as it implies the testing and try-out phase isn't over, here a good two months plus removed from Spring Training.

We know from a pure stuff standpoint that Buchholz and Hirsh have the edge on Fogg, but Josh's experience could give him a current skill-set advantage on the other two. I'm just trying to figure out how much of a leash Fogg has to show that this is actually the case.