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Maybe You've Heard of Me, Maybe You Haven't

David Duncan, LHP, Georgia Tech: This guy may be the name you've most likely hear about. He's 6'9", 205 lbs. and a draft-eligible sophomore. He lacks consistency on the mound, though this season was better than last year's. His fastball is usually around 90 MPH, and he also throws a changeup and a curveball. He has a good feel for all three and that could push him into the third round. The problem with Duncan, aside from consistency, is how much of a desire he has to sign as a sophomore. A good season as a junior and he could find himself in the first round in 2008.

Wally Crancer, OF, Georgia Tech: Was at Riverside JC for his first two years before playing the last two with the Yellow Jackets. Something tells me he's a slighter version of Jeff Kindel. Has controlled the strike zone well.

Ryan Sontag, OF, Arizona State: Sontag started his college career with the Spartans of Michigan State and won Big 10 Freshman of the Year there in 2005. He left for bigger exposure and transferred to Arizona State. He had a decent sophomore year, but ran into a problem this season when an influx of great talent arrived. He played in 47 games, starting only six. Hard to say where he'll be drafted. MLB Draft Tracker doesn't even list him, which may be an indication that teams aren't seriously considering him.

Jesse Craig, RHP, BYU: Craig is senior from that hot-bed of talent that is BYU. Not a big strike out guy, but he doesn't walk all that many (21 in 125 1/3 IP this season). 2.94 ERA was lower than his GPA of 3.82 as an exercise science major.

Alex Garabedian, C, College of Charleston: Spent his freshman year at Miami before transferring. Was second on the team this season with 13 homers when five players hit home runs in the double-digits.

Mike McGuire, RHP, Delaware: 6'7", 240 lbs. His best season was as a freshman when he struck out 70 and started 13 games. Last year he started nine games, but pitched a total of 38 1/3 innings. This year he appeared in 10 games, starting five. He struck out 27 and walked 20. Was two outs to a no-hitter back in May.

Jeremy Jones, OF, North Carolina A&T: Maybe, not flying under the radar to us since the Rockies drafted him last year. 28 walks and 28 strike outs with a .323 BA, .400 OBP, .520 SLG. He also stole 13 of 19 bases.