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Draft 2007 Open Thread: 3rd Round and Beyond

The draft's about an hour away, and as Russ has been updating below, selections are starting to clear up.

Here's where we stand with what I know:

  1. Tampa Bay, David Price
  2. Kansas City, Mike Moustakas
  3. Chicago Cubs, Josh Vitters
  4. Pittsburgh Pirates, Daniel Moskos
  5. Baltimore Orioles, Matt Wieters
  6. Washington Nationals, Ross Detwiler
  7. Milwaukee Brewers, Matt LaPorta
  8. Us, Casey Weathers
It's still looking to me that either Moskos or Detwiler or both will be available at our pick, but Tracy Ringolsby and Baseball America are sticking to their guns about the selection being Weathers, and Renck and Mayo haven't updated saying that it will be anybody other than Moskos.

I still say Detwiler. We're about to find out who's right... and it's Ringolsby!