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Thursday Pebble Report:

A short and early Pebble Report this morning so I can get to blogging on the draft.

Colorado Springs: No game.

Tulsa: Samuel Deduno pitched a strong five innings, and nearly got through a sixth without much damage before pinch-hitter Michael Ferris singled in two runs with two outs. Deduno wound up giving up four runs on four hits and two walks, but his peripherals were sound, including six K's and a 10/2 GB/FB ratio. I'm really liking the improved command we're seeing these last couple of starts.

Jonathan Herrera went four for four with three doubles to raise his average considerably after I made note of it yesterday, and Corey Wimberly and Chris Frey both four for five. Matt Miller had two hits, and drove in three of Tulsa's eight runs in the victory.

Modesto: Alan Johnson allowed just two hits in seven innings, along with three walks, and shut out Lancaster along with David Arnold for his fourth Modesto win. Eric Young, meanwhile continues his resurgence, finishing a double away from the cycle in his five at bats. The one time he singled, he also stole both second and third. His homerun was Ricky Henderson-esque, leading off the game to put an immediate handicap on the opposition. Actually that kind of reminds me of his dad, too. Dexter Fowler had two hits following EY2, one a triple.

Asheville: No game.