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Thursday Morning Rockpile: Draft edition

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I've collected links from newspapers in each of the cities that selects ahead of us with who their reporters see as on their team's radar, and have thereby constructed this mock draft through our pick:

Tampa Bay Devil Rays: David Price

Kansas City Royals: Josh Vitters

Update [2007-6-7 12:31:11 by Russ]: Jim Callis believes the Royals will now go with Moustakas.

Chicago Cubs: Rick Porcello

Update [2007-6-7 12:36:59 by Russ]: Are the Cubs working on a pre-draft deal with Jarrod Parker, or is this thrown out the window if Moustakas goes #2?

Pittsburgh Pirates: Devin Mesoraco

Baltimore Orioles: Matt Wieters

Washington Nationals: Mike Moustakas

Milwaukee Brewers: Jarrod Parker

Colorado Rockies: Daniel Moskos? or Casey Weathers?

I just want to point out that Ross Detwiler isn't mentioned as a target in any of these columns of the teams selecting before us. I'm going to go out on a limb and say his slide is our gain:

My pick for the Rockies first round selection:

Ross Detwiler, LHP, Missouri State.


Okay, a couple of non-draft links now:

Ramon Ramirez was optioned to Colorado Springs. Rami has been getting pounded lately, so I'm not against this move to make room for Josh Fogg. This should give Ramon a chance to refind his groove in a less costly environment.

I really like this article from the Houston Chronicle's Brian McTaggart about the trio of players we got for Jason Jennings and how they've adapted to playing with the Rockies. Their talents are just beginning to show dividends for the Rox, almost in reverse order of what I would have expected. Taveras broke out of his early season funk at the plate first, and then Buchholz seemed to turn a corner in mid-May. Meanwhile, Hirsh started out promising, but we haven't fully seen what he's capable of yet. Along with Chris Iannetta, I'm hoping for a solid turnaround from him to start showing up soon.

Brad Hawpe's getting the love now that his bat is giving it to Rockies fans, meanwhile Kaz Matsui still seems a side note, even though he's my early pick for the team's MVP. The Rockies are three games over .500 when he appears in a game at 13-10.

What was originally a strictly Panamanian rivalry is spilling over into the Rockies-Astros series and the heat seems to be picking up after two Rockies were plunked yesterday.