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Friday Morning Rockpile:

Hurdle on his team right now:

"The feeling is very good, the confidence is building. Guys are picking up each other, nobody is putting their head down after a bad at-bat or a bad inning."

They better bring that attitude on the road with them.


Weathers is the closer of the near future, but he's not quite there yet.

Ringolsby checks in with a rundown on Rockies draft picks from day one. Froneberger projects to be a reliever (big surprise) as he works a 90 MPH fastball with a curveball.

Bernie Lincicome has this column up today . . . ugh.

The Nashville City Paper says negotiations between the Rockies and Weathers will begin immediately.


If you check the end of the first-linked article concerning Weathers, you'll find some possibilities for who will be DH'ing the next two series.