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Saturday Rockpile

I'm going to do more on this year's draft in just a little bit, but Pat Rooney of the Rocky Mountain News writes about the familial ties of two of our picks. Parker Frazier is a legit talent, so don't let the fact that he's the son of our announcer fool you. Nick Gallego, I'm not sure about, I'm just unfamiliar with what skills he has. That might be an indication that it was more an honor for his father than a legit selection.

I was going to change the side bar link for Michael Toebe, aka "The Truth", and his blog during the week, but I've put so much to my periphery prepping for, and evaluating the draft. At any rate, Rockies Report is now Warrior Sports, his all inclusive blog that covers CU athletics as well as the Rox and other Denver teams. He seems to follow conventional wisdom when it comes to our first round selection, both this season and last. I like his writing, but The Truth falls into a pet peeve of mine by picking three players, when the Rockies were only allowed one. What this usually means for writers is that if any of their on the record preferred choices outplays the one they're opposed to, they claim that they were right all along, when in fact, all of their choices would have to outperform the target if there was any sort of fairness.

Of the three that The Truth selected, the one that I think has a really good shot of outperforming Weathers for his selecting club is Matt Dominguez. Should the Rockies have selected Dominguez instead? We'll find out, but I do know that Weathers needs more love from Rockies fans. We've got a fantastic pitcher, here.

Tracy Ringolsby points out that the Baltimore media must have looked at the stats yesterday morning to prep for the Rockies and found out that Matt Holliday is pretty good. Yeah. He is. Crazy, huh? The Rockies have a great player, go figure. They're not even on a coast, East or West. Who would of thunk?