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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

That was a much needed win yesterday, and think about the following: 36-8, Francis' record when the team scores three runs or more. Also in that article, Phil Garner didn't like Francis' start, but why would he when his team lost?


We're already on the Hirsh watch, but now the Fogg Watch is also in effect. Hurdle says he's not looking to make a change right now, but it might not be too long until he does. If Fogg or Hirsh have a cluster of starts that don't go well . . . no, a good outing doesn't start the cluster all over again, Clint.

TBS has the All-Star Game Selection Show today at 4 pm ET/2 pm MT, which means we learn which Rockies make the team. Or maybe just Rockie, as in only Matt Holliday on the team. As Patrick Saunders asks, will Fuentes make the team? Will Tony La Russa overlook this tough stretch of appearances for Fuentes? Wait and see.

Maybe we'll get a surprise and also see Francis make the team? We can only hope.