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1st Half Report Card for the Rockies

Agree, disagree, have your own grades? This club is .500 team right now, and maybe I've been kind to a few of the guys.

Ryan Spilborghs, A+: Professional pinch hitter, better than Finley and Mabry. Maybe you think he doesn't deserve this since he hasn't been with the team the whole season, but he's performed his role in an exceptional manner.

Manny Corpas, A: A few bad appearances here and there, but his stuff is nasty and should be closing games for the Rox sooner or later.

Jeff Francis, A: The last three starts of April weren't great, but he's been gold the rest of the time.

Matt Holliday, A: When writers such as ESPN's Jayson Stark choose this quiet superstar as the NL MVP for the first half of the season, you know the guy had a great half-season. MLB leader in hits (122), fourth in batting average (.341) and doubles (30), tied for seventh in RBI (69), twelfth in OPS (.964), and the 15th best VORP in the majors at 35.8. What more can you ask for, other than for Matt to sign a long-term deal with the club?

Jeremy Affeldt, B+: Stablizing force in the bullpen.

Kazuo Matsui, B+: Missed time due to injury, when he returned things started to click for the team.

Brad Hawpe, B+: After a nondescript April for Hawpe (only one homer in April), he's now tied for the team lead in homers with Holliday at 15. With eight homers in the second half, Brad will set a new career record for homers in a season. He's still not hitting lefties well, which knocks him down to this grade. Also, I'd like to see him hit a few more homers on the road during the second half of the season after having three in the first. More Brandon and less Brad in the second half and we're looking at a fine season.

Troy Tulowitzki, B+/B: Big hits for a future superstar. Great defense.

Brian Fuentes, B: He had twenty saves before that disastrous stretch at the end of June.

Jorge Julio, B: Just with the Rockies, he's been all right. Three July appearances haven't been stellar, but overall he's been solid.

Rodrigo Lopez, B: Started off well, went on the DL, returned to have good first half. Only two bad starts. Needs to take it to a better level if he wants to beat Livan Hernandez in VORP.

Todd Helton, B: No longer has the power he once had, but can still draw a walk.

Willy Taveras, B: A real lead-off hitter for a change.

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LaTroy Hawkins, B-: Bad April, went on the DL, then came back to be a good option out of the bullpen. One horrendous performance against Houston since his return from the DL.

Aaron Cook, C+: Mixed results for a so-so grade.

Garrett Atkins, C+: Brutal first two months of the season, but he's picked it up in June and July.

Taylor Buchholz, C: Kind of similar to Josh Fogg, but in the bullpen. Has had seven starts with mixed results. Could move into the rotation at some point in the second half.

Josh Fogg, C: A middle of the road grade for a mediocre pitcher.

Jason Hirsh, C: April was great, but the next two months were up and down. His last start was a step in the right direction, except for his injury on the basepath. How he performs after he returns will be much looked at.

Yorvit Torrealba, C: Supposed to be the back up, he eventually became the starter. He's delivered a surprising, but far from spectacular performance.

Tom Martin, C-: From the middle of May to early June, he had a stretch of good outings. The end of June and the start of July haven't been kind to him. Maybe he deserves a slightly higher grade, but when you hear that Tom Martin is going to come in, are you expecting great things?

Chris Iannetta, D: He hasn't received enough playing time, but when he's out there it hasn't been all that great. Needs more playing time in the second half.

Jamey Carroll, D: Really hasn't proven he's worthy of the deal he signed in the off-season. His super-sub role has been disappointing.

Jeff Baker, F: Had a great first five games, but then started to string long stretches of zeroes together.

Steve Finley, John Mabry, F: This is being kind to them since you can't go lower than an F.

Matt Herges, INC: Just brought up recently.

Cory Sullivan, INC: He's been with the team for an even shorter period of time than Spilborghs. What he's done has been great, but I can't give him a grade yet.