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Friday Morning Rockpile: Do You Need A Good Laugh?

If you do, then you should read part of "Mile High Watch" from Ringolsby's latest piece:

[Buehrle not going to be traded]

The Rockies were told they could have ageless Jose Contreras for third baseman Ian Stewart and left-handed pitcher Franklin Morales, the organization's two top prospects. The talks ended there.

Really? That's who Kenny Williams asked? Jose Contreras this season: 5.19 ERA, 87 ERA+, 1.50 WHIP, 37 BB, 60 K, 117-121 GO-FO. Pass.


You just knew that Mark Kiszla was going to have one of these pieces sooner or later as the second half of the season starts up. O'Dowd has done his fair share of not-so-good things for the club, but over the past two year he's done the following (list from sg8335aa with his grades in the Report Card thread):

BY Kim for Jorge Julio - Big Win
Jim Miller and Jason Burch for Rodrigo Lopez - Win
Jennings for Burch [Buchholz], Hirsh, Tavarez [sic] - Big Win
Shealy/Dohmmann for Affeldt/Bautista - Big Win
Marrero for Kaz Matsui - Big Win
Cash for Carroll - (win technically)
Carvajal for Torrealba - Big Win

Yes, he's [sic] free agent work has been questionable (Maybry, Finley) . . .

So when Kiszla writes:

Take a look at what the general managers of other pro teams in town have done to win your trust and your business during the past year.

The Nuggets traded for point guard Allen Iverson, who has been named the most valuable player in the NBA.

The Broncos acquired running back Travis Henry, who has gained 1,400 yards rushing in an NFL season, and cornerback Dré Bly, owner of more than 30 career interceptions.

The Avalanche added Scott Hannan and Ryan Smyth, who both arrived with all-star credentials.

During the same 12-month period, the best work O'Dowd has done is dump the salary of rock-steady pitcher Jason Jennings for speedy outfielder Willie Taveras and two young arms.

I have a problem. Iverson needs more than half a season to show what he can do with Carmelo Anthony, but so far he's been able to take the Nuggets as far as they've gone without him: into the first round of the playoffs and then out.

The point of the piece is that other GMs in Colorado have brought in proven talent and O'Dowd hasn't. But all sports are "what have you done for me lately" situations. What have Henry and Bly and Smyth and Hannan done for their teams lately? I mean, other than sign a contract with the team and have their name on the roster? And, as for Jennings, he's been rock-steady for Houston, right?

So while those guys wait to prove themselves in Colorado, Taveras, Matsui, Affeldt, Torrealba, and all the rest have contributed. Yes, they're part of a team that is 44-44 at the Break. Should we be happy with that? No, of course not. Will O'Dowd be able to make a deal for a starting pitcher or for a reliever at the deadline? More likely the latter than the former. If other GMs ask for Stewart and Morales in return for one of their starters, it better be a big-name pitcher. Otherwise, I'm confident in believing O'Dowd will make the right call and end the discussion at that point, like he did with the White Sox.