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Sunday Pebble Report

The Springs, W 7-2, L 2-7: In the first game, Joe Gaetti had three doubles and an RBI, and Edwin Bellorin also added two RBI in the contest. Ryan Speier picked up his 24th save after Kevin Walker went 5 2/3 innings.

In the second game, Mike DeJean started and didn't have the greatest outing. He allowed six runs (five earned) in four innings. Ramon Ramirez also made an appearance, walking two and allowing a run in 1 2/3 innings.

Tulsa, L 3-8: Not a good night for Samuel Deduno. He allowed eight runs over 7 1/3 innings, and five of those runs came off three homers. The first inning saw most of the damage occur with a lead-off triple, followed by a homer, and then another homer. On the bright side, he didn't walk anyone and had a 13-5 GO-FO. Jordan Czarniecki had two doubles and drove in a run.

Modesto, W 6-2: Another fine start for Brandon Hynick, as he went seven innings, allowed one unearned run, and struck out three. With that rough June behind him, Hynick is back on track now. Pedro Stop finished the game, but walked two in the process. The middle of the Nuts order got it done last night, with Chris Nelson, Neil Wilson, Jeff Kindel, and Daniel Carte all drove in runs. Carte was the only one with more than one. Eric Young is nearing the half-century mark in stolen bases after swiping his 49th last night. Over the past two years, Junior's stolen 138 bases and has been caught 42 times.

Asheville, W 5-4 in 10 innings: A Jay Cox single in the bottom of the 10th drove in Daniel Mayora, who led off the inning with his 29th double. The game also saw Mike Paulk hit his 10th homer of the season and steal his 11th base. Andrew Graham had a no-hitter going for five innings, but also walked four. He went seven innings, struck out 10 and allowed four runs. He also had a 9-1 GO-FO. Craig Baker came in for the last three innings and struck out five during that time.

Ian Stewart was voted the top Tourist of all time.

Tri-City, W 7-4: Darin Holcomb led the offense last night with an RBI triple and a solo homer, with RBI also added by Cabrera, Davis, Clark, and Loupadiere. Cabrera and Holcomb both walked twice as well. Cory Riordan had a successful debut in the rotation with a solid 6 2/3 innings. He struck out four and allowed two runs to complete the sweep of their opponent.

Casper, L 2-3: Chris Vasami hit his first homer in the game, and Orlando Sandoval added three hits and an RBI. Jeff Fischer started, lasted six innings, and allowed all three runs.

Bobby Paschal will start in place of Jose Campos (sore arm) this week, and Mitch Lively is done for the season (torn elbow ligament).