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Sunday Morning Rockpile: Should the Rockies Be Looking to Make a Big Deal?

Troy Renck certainly sees it that way. Before we get to the players he brings up, it does appear that U-Ball will receive a promotion soon, after Walt Weiss saw Jimenez's last start. The two most likely candidates to move out of the rotation are Buchholz/Hirsh (they count as one since Hirsh is on the DL) and Fogg. Buchholz and Fogg will pitch the first two games against the Pirates, the series starting Monday. I see it as far more likely that Fogg loses his spot in the rotation to Jimenez because Hirsh deserves a chance to come back from his trip on the DL and show what he has. He was doing well against the Mets in his last start.

The first guy brought up by Renck is Dontrelle Willis. Trade Stewart and a minor league pitcher for him. With the way he's pitched this season, maybe it would be easier for the Marlins to trade him. After his last start, the home crowd did boo him off the field. But when anyone includes a minor league arm in a deal, that only brings up two names with the Rockies: Jimenez and Franklin Morales. Trading Stewart and Morales would certainly be daring, but not something worth looking at with the D-Train's performance this season. Now, maybe the psychological impact of making a trade such as this one would help the team (as Renck brings up at the end of that section), but I have no idea how they're thinking now (except for Holliday).

Jon Garland or Javier Vazquez? If Kenny Williams wanted Stewart and Morales for Contreras, what's the asking price for either of those two pitchers?

Jason Jennings? Would the Astros really want to send him back to the team he came from? Does the FO there want to tell the fans that their big off-season acquisition wasn't worth it. He's certainly not going to bring back what the Rockies received for him last December.

Matt Morris? I thought Renck was talking about a big deal.

Salomon Torres? Sure, why not? The bullpen could use a guy like him, even if this has been his worst season since 2003. But is acquiring him really a big deal?