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Experiencing non-technical issues... / Game #92: Taylor Buchholz vs. John Van Benschoten

Well, somewhat technical. I'm an Internet nomad at the moment while in temporary housing, and I have to look for wireless hot spots to do my posting. This morning the Panera Bread Wifi went down while I was trying to post a Pebble Report (Eric Young and Jhaysson Agustin were big yesterday) before meeting with my realtor, and now during a break in house hunting, I'm having troubles logging on for more than a few moments at a time at a Wi-fi equipped McDonald's. What's more, my laptop seems to be on the fritz anyway and I'm having to post this from another computer.

If I'm unable to get back on this evening, then consider this the game thread for Taylor Buchholz against John Van Benschoten. Urgh. I hate moving.