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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: One Day You're A Big Deal, the Next You're Not

Continuing with the inane idea that the Rockies need one big deal to become contenders, Renck backtracks on one of the guys he mentioned Sunday in today's Rockies Notes:

The San Francisco Giants and Chicago White Sox are asking for outrageous returns for second-tier starters Matt Morris and Jose Contreras because so few starters are currently available.

Not even Giants fans are under any illusion that Matt Morris is great or that he will bring back anything of use right now:

Matt Morris is an average pitcher. I don't have any delusions that he really is the missing piece to some championship puzzle and that the Giants should be compensated accordingly. In a just world, the Giants wouldn't expect a bounty for an average pitcher who was owed $9M for the following season.

Read the rest to see where Grant's going with it, but you'll find some guys he would want in return for Morris. In an unjust world, that is.

So which is it for Morris, Troy? Big deal or second-tier starter?


Renck and Harding each tackle a number of questions in their latest mailbags. Both answer a question about Helton's spot in the lineup, and the answer is as you would expect: Sounds like a great idea, but that Hurdle guy likes his R-L-R-L lineup. I guess Hurdle doesn't believe in the concept of friction in baseball.

And if Lee from Evergreen, who had a question asnwered in in Renck's mailbag, happens to stumble upon this site, you can find Holliday's complete spilts with RISP here.