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Wednesday Rockpile:

Jeff Baker's start last night was only his twentieth of the season, which is a far cry from how many we would have expected after his performance of late last year and early in April. Since then, pitchers have been exploiting a couple of holes in his swing and an inability to either hit or lay off solid breaking pitches. I don't know if consistent playing time will cure this, Baker just needs to be able to work out his issues as he goes along in his increasingly limited role with the team.

With Ryan Braun and Hunter Pence garnering all the ROY attention, Troy Renck tries to plug Tulo for another award, the NL Gold Glove at shortstop. Tulo might be deserving here, but with Jose Reyes playing in the media hotbed of New York, I think Troy's even more of a longshot in this one. Also noted in that link, Jason Hirsh is scheduled to start in rehab for the Sky Sox on Thursday and throw forty pitches.

The Rockies now have a winning record half way through this road trip and are still hanging about on the periphery of the NL playoff chase, but their collapse during the last road swing and the limited media appeal of our current opposition has us under the radar once more. This could be a good thing.