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Friday Morning Rockpile: Tom Martin Is Going, Going, Gone!

That the third and last nightmare (the other two having been Finley and Mabry) was designated for assignment. This move comes, I don't know, a season too late. The Rockies now have 10 days to rid themselves of Martin, either through a trade, another team's waiver claim, or outright releasing him once 10 days passes. Here's one important thing to note  from the article:

If he clears waivers, Martin indicated retirement is a viable alternative.

"Sometimes in everybody's career he has to make a decision," said Martin.

Do you hear all that racket Martin's suitors are making in order to gain his services? No? Not even one? Did I mention he's a lefty? Still no? Enjoy your retirement, Tom. It'll be better than your time with the Rockies.

And we get to see Ramon Ramirez back in a Rockies uniform as a result of this move. The bullpen--getting better all the time.


Jason Hirsh made his first rehab start for the Rockies and it didn't go well. He starts again Monday, the day before Jimenez makes his second start for the Rockies. If Jimenez can pitch like he did yesterday against a divisional rival, it will be a tough decision to decide between Hirsh and Jimenez in the rotation. Though that probably depends on Hirsh's next rehab start. If he fails to make it out of the second inning again, he may not see the Majors for a little while longer. If he is fit to return to the Majors, there's always the alternative of letting Fogg go, however unlikely that is.

It's good to have (real or imagined) choices.