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Saturday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Joe Koshansky homered twice and doubled off of Fresno's Chris Begg, but that wasn't enough to keep the Grizzlies from winning with a walk off homerun in the bottom of the fourteenth inning last night. Koshansky's been making a climb up the PCL leaderboards after a cold start to the season, and I'm sure he will remain one of the Rockies' best trading chips in the next week and a half.

Tulsa: Sean Thompson's debut in the Rockies' system didn't go so well as the Drillers lost eight to three to the Arkansas Travellers last night. Thompson allowed seven runs on eight hits in just over four innings. Jordan Czarniecki homered for the main Driller offensive highlight.

Modesto: Chris Nelson continued his hot streak with another homerun and a double last night, fueling Modesto's five to three win over Rancho Cucamonga. Brandon Durden pitched a strong seven innings, giving up just five hits and two walks with a good GB% on his outs in play.

Asheville: Aneury Rodriguez and Craig Baker got shelled for eleven of the twelve runs scored against the Tourists as Rome finished a four game sweep. Hector Gomez, Mike Paulk, Matt Repec and Anthony Jackson had two hits each, but Repec's double was the only Tourist knock for extra bases, and the T's struck out thirteen times against Braves pitching.

Tri-City: Marco Duarte scattered eight hits over six innings and only allowed two runs. The Dust Devils' pen let it get close, but held on for a six to five win. Maruis Loupadiere drove in five of the six runs with a first inning grand slam and an eighth inning double scoring Lars davis for the difference maker. Loupadiere has either looked really good or really bad this season, with a high isolated slugging percentage but the same poor contact rate that's plagued him thus far in his time in the system.

Casper: A well pitched game by Jeff Fischer turned into heartbreak in the bottom of the tenth inning with a Misoula walk off three to two victory. Beau Seabury had three hits, but Casper's offense generally had trouble making solid contact off of Osprey pitching.