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Sunday Morning Rockpile: Will the Future Come Sooner than Expected?

Might we see Franklin Morales this season?

According to Hurdle, Franklin Morales, a Double-A fireballer, Triple-A starter Kevin Walker and left-handed reliever Josh Newman are getting long looks. Morales is starting, but the idea of him providing bullpen help down the stretch - he throws 98 mph - hasn't been ruled out.

It seems very tempting to do this, but why not include Juan Morillo in the discussion. Since moving to a relief role this season, Morillo has averaged just above one strikeout per inning (50 in 48 1/3 innings) and has held opposing batters to a .205 BA. And he has reached 100 mph before.

At least Josh Newman is in the discussion, who has gone about his business quietly this season. Though his pitching coach at Colorado Springs, Chuck Kniffin, believes Newman needs a bit more time at the Triple A level. How much time, who knows? I'd place my bet on some time shortly after the deadline for him to be called up if the team doesn't make a trade. He would require a spot on the 40-man roster since he's not on it. As would the other two options discussed.


Speaking of which, the 40-man roster is currently at 39 after Sean Thompson was added and Zach McClellan went on the 60-day DL, as lgh77 mentioned yesterday.


And also mentioned in the first linked article is the failed Helton for Tavarez and Delcarmen/Hansen deal. I bring this up after reading this piece about an interview Gammons did about Hansen while making an appearance 890 ESPN. Gammons believes that Scott Boras is ruining his clients, Hansen among them, because he dictates how they should hit or pitch.

You're saying that Scott Boras has his own staff of coaches that talk to his clients?
PG: I talked with Texas people about Mark Teixeira who has moved away from [Texas hitting coach] Rudy Jaramillo, who is acknowledged as a great hitting coach, and is instead working with Scott's people. The people in the Texas organization are just exhausted from it.

I mean Scott has his heart in the right place with this but you've got to start wondering about this. Some people do know more about the mechanics of baseball than Scott Boras does, and that's the coaches.

I mean he only has like 85 people working for him exactly, but at the same time Bill Fischer is a much better pitching coach, in the case of Hochevar, than the guys that Scott has working for him. Psychologically there have been a lot of guys that he's helped immensely because of [renowned sports psychologist] Dr. Harvey Dorfman, who's been phenomenal, and who's been dispatched to help Hansen.

But there's got to be a reason why this guy has completely changed his delivery since he was at Double A two years and my guess is that's part of it. I feel very strongly about that.

How long until this happens to Matt Holliday if Gammons is correct? The season before Matt leaves or once he's on another team?