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Game #99: Francis vs Maddux

So tonight starts one of our most important homestands in seasons, with the team playing the two division leaders back to back. The team is far enough back in the standings from these two to get back into a race with success, or be completely out of it with failure.

So far, our summer swoon hasn't been the same devastation of seasons past, despite our lame finish to this last road trip, and again, success in these next seven games will signal a turnaround, but losing will indicate the story's the same as it has been for the last dozen years or so. Tonight, Franchise gets the opportunity to start things right against a future Hall of Famer. Success will depend on how our offense bounces back from the two games of silence in Washington.

Let's go Rockies, get back in this thing.

BTW, our friendly rivals at Gaslamp Ball have petitioned for our help in voting for Swingin'
Friar against the Pirates mascot in return for their help in our valiant but ultiately futile effort to win the SI blog contest this Spring. I say we can put Swingin' Friar over the top. Go Purple Row!