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Monday Morning Rockpile:

The Rockies' pursuit of another relief arm highlights the difficulties GM's have been having this season in obtaining useful players. Those most desired (such as the four relievers mentioned in the Renck article) would typically only be available in trades of multiple young players for the single relief arm. At the same time in opposition to this, teams (including the Rox) are hording their young prospects because last off-season's escalation of the free agent market indicates quality veteran help might be harder for most teams to retain going forward. Uncertainty is breeding relunctance for the time being, but in the next ten days some contending team will roll the dice and crack open their prospect vault for help, just don't count on that team being us.

Meanwhile, despite their slight advantage on the Rockies in the standings, some behind the scenes movement by the Diamondbacks definitely makes it seem like they're willing to sacrifice contending in 2007 for the future by feeling out the market for Eric Byrnes and Livan Hernandez. Given how young and talented their team is, it's a wise move by Josh Byrnes to keep the overall picture in mind ahead of this one year but for the Rockies' sake I wish he was more like Brian Sabean. Mediawise, it's been quiet on the Dodger and Padre trade fronts lately, but both are still looking for parts that might aid them this year.

Of course, the bullpen wasn't the primary culprit for our losses the last two days, despite the homerun allowed by Julio. Being shutout by the Nationals for two games plus indicates some serious flaws on offense are in need of correction. I think the people we've got will have to get us there at this point, so I'm not sure what that correction is outside of shaking up the lineup as some have suggested here. At the end of this week, we'll definitely know for sure what needs to happen, though.