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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

50-50 after 100 games is a pretty clear indication of mediocrity in my book, and the Rockies still seem in need of another step before they are really ready to play with the better teams in the league. Ubaldo Jimenez' performance with the Rockies thus far and particularly last night is very encouraging that the time is close, however.

Glenallen Hill is just starting what will probably be standard practice, soon, by wearing a batting helmet while coaching at first base, although the article points out that there is still some relunctance to doing it.

The Red Sox media entourage even now brings up Todd Helton as in their rumor mill. I'd still be very surprised if a big name either put on or took off a Rockies uniform as a result of a trade in the next week. With Jimenez proving an adequate fill for our rotation struggles, our offense needs help, but none that a trade will easily fix.  The bullpen's another story, but only if the help doesn't require a lot of talent in return.