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Game #102: Rodrigo vs. Brad Penny

As was suggested in the comments in today's Rockpile, a split in this four game series with the Dodgers can't really be considered a good thing given our place in the standings. Three and one is what we're calling for, but a four game sweep would be particularly nice. In order to get the series off on a winning note, however, we have to break through against Penny, who's been as good as any pitcher in the NL this year. The Rockies haven't let that bother them when going against the likes of Josh Beckett, so let's hope we continue the trend of rising to the level of our competition on offense.

Rodrigo just needs to keep going on with whatever worked so well against the Dodgers earlier in the year. Let's go Rockies, this is the time to step up if you're worthy.

Go Rox!