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2007 Hall of Fame Induction

Congratulations Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr!

Coverage begins at 1:30 pm ET on ESPN Classic.

Here's part of the dialog from one of the last good episodes of the X-Files that is appropriate for the day's celebration:

ARTHUR DALES: They're all aliens, Agent Mulder-- all the great ones.
MULDER: (not believing) Babe Ruth was an alien?
MULDER: (eating the hotdog) Joe DiMaggio?
MULDER: Willie Mays?
ARTHUR DALES: Well, obviously.
MULDER: Mantle? Koufax? Gibson?
ARTHUR DALES: Bob or Kirk?
(MULDER doesn't know how to answer that one.)
ARTHUR DALES: See, none of the great ones fit in-- not in this world, not in any other world.
(There is a knock at the door.)
ARTHUR DALES: They're all aliens, Mulder until they step between the white chalk lines--
until they step on the outfield grass.