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Tuesday Rockpile: Trade Deadline Edition

The RMN covers what the Rockies may or may not do today before the non-waiver trade deadline, as well as the moves O'Dowd has made since he became the GM.

The article also leads us to believe that Garrett Atkins might be a possible trading chip in the fall, when his value would be higher than it is now. One way or another, the club will need to make a decision between Atkins and Stewart. Another year in Triple A probably won't do much for Stewart, and there aren't any public plans yet to move Stewart to another position.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Tigers are in discussions with the Pirates for Jack Wilson. At the end of the article, there's a mention that an unnamed Rockies official said four other teams have expressed interest in Barmes. Will one


Patrick Saunders profiles Manny Corpas.


Recent Trades:

Teixeira to Braves; Dotel to Atlanta for Kyle Davies.

Reds send Lohse to Phillies for minor leaguer Matt Maloney.

Mets send two minor leaguers to Twins for Luis Castillo.

Dodgers send Betemit to Yanks for Scott Proctor.

Padres pick up Rob Macowiak, and Buster Olney's saying they also acquired Morgan Ensberg.

Red Sox acquire Gagne for CF David Murphy, 16-year-old Engel Beltre, and Kason Gabbard (who's performed well for the Red Sox this season).


Update [2007-7-31 15:52:44 by Russ]: Apparently the Rockies were speaking with the Twins about a deal that involved Garrett Atkins and Juan Rincon as part of a package deal, but it wasn't anything serious.