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Thursday Rockpile:

"The middle of their order can hit. Holliday, Helton, Atkins, Hawpe. I bet they had 12 hits. It was a helpless feeling this weekend. We couldn't do anything to stop them. We could have had Jesus on the mound and they still would have gotten hits."
              Mets catcher Paul LoDuca

Alright, call me a stick in the mud or a contrarian or whatever, but I don't know if I agree with all of the arguments to move Todd Helton out of the clean-up spot just yet. I know he's well into a decline and the homerun power has left and is unlikely to return. I know he hasn't been hitting well of late. Still, scoring runs hasn't been our problem lately, last night being another exhibit of this, and when it does become an issue I'll probably wish to revisit my opinion, but I think what we've got going is working alright on offense.

I think the bigger question to ask is still "Why did seven Mets score yesterday?" or more to the point, "What can we do to replace Josh Fogg in the rotation?" Until we figure that out, I say leave what's working well enough alone.

Clint Hurdle's job is still safe, for what it's worth. I think the info about the grass at Coors that precedes the note is more interesting. Ha-ha, the Mets don't like playing here. I'm sad like that.