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Friday Morning Rockpile: The Rockies are Buyers

That's what Dealin' Dan and the rest  of the organization have been telling other teams. But they're not buyers in the market for starting pitchers. According to the article, any change in the rotation will be from within the organization. So the names Ubaldo Jimenez and Greg Reynolds are brought up. A few weeks ago someone brought up the idea that U-Ball should be brought up as a move to inspire confidence in him. Would that produce the desired effect or even help the team in anyway? Any change to the rotation is most likely going to be permanent, so I want to be sure that the guy is being brought up hot. As for the other internal option, Etkin's Tulsa report mentions that Reynolds may return towards the end of the month. It seems foolish to promote Reynolds in late July/early August during a season in which he's been injured twice. If the Rockies are competing that late into the season, and he receives a promotion, will he try too much and wind up hurt a third time? So if neither guy is ready for a promotion at the moment, shouldn't the team look outside the organization? No one like Buehrle (whom they are not players for), but there should be other pitchers available as the trade deadline inches closer.


Did you know that the Phillies are three losses away from 10,000? Can the Rockies give them all three?


Tulo's been a pretty good rookie, in case you didn't know. As long as he keeps this up, he's getting my first place vote in SBN's own post-season award for NL RoY.