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Saturday Rockpile:

Brian Fuentes has decided to rest a sore back rather than attend the All-Star Game. Apparently the soreness started on Sunday but grew worse after Tuesday's appearance against the Mets. Because of this, it sounds like he might not be available for the next two games against the Phillies, either.

Should Hector Carrasco clear waivers and become available cheaply ten days from now, the Rockies would be interested in picking him up. The Angels' reliever had just been designated for assignment after scuffling through the season thus far. Carrasco's career line isn't much to write home about, but he's typically been a slightly above average reliever, and in the past two seasons before this could have been considered better than that. He's going to be turning 38 in October, so there's a big question of what's left in the tank, but at a minimum salary it would be okay to find out.

Last night's win gives the Rockies the second best home record in the NL, and the way that we won it definitely makes it look like the Coors magic is back. Roberbola's diary to the right makes it sound like the fans might be starting to come back, too. Despite our recent disastrous road trip, there are some very promising signs in LoDo right now.