Are the fans back?

Attending the comeback victory last night, I couldn't help to notice a very different feeling at Coors Field last night.  This was the first game I attended after the 20-7 stretch and the Yankee sweep, and I have to wonder if the notoriety of the winning streak and the high-profile sweeps over the Yankees and Mets have energized the Rockies fan base.

First of all, the stadium was as full last night as I have seen it in a non-novelty game for years.  The entire field level was full, the Rockpile and club level were packed, and the upper deck was well populated.  The upper level out in right field was still barren, but those will be the last seats to fill up.

I was impressed with the fans' familiarity with the players.  Chants of tu-lo tu-lo, lots of Kaz Matsui jerseys (strange choice if you ask me) and a general acknowlegement of everyone in the lineup, including Torrealba, was impresssive.

Finally, the crowd seemed to follow the game play a lot more closely than usual.  People went NUTS when the ump called Helms' swinging bunt fair in the 1st.  Everyone was on the edge of their seats during scoring opportunities.  In short, the atmosphere was pretty electric.  Kind of like old times.

The best part of the victory for me is that a large crowd was rewarded with such an exciting and fun game.  Hopefully they will be back for more, and bring a few friends.

Now for a couple of game notes:

Helton looks lost at the plate - can't seem to make good contact.

Outfield defense was relatively poor, each starting outfielder had a catchable ball that they let drop after a long run.  Willy and Matt didn't communicate well on one.

Willy's legs are still bothering him.  His double in the first should have been a triple, but he was limping out of the box.

The Phillies have an incredible top half of their lineup.  May be the best in baseball.  Rollins in on pace for 30-30, with 100 RBI and 140 Runs.  I was coveting them for fantasy purposes.

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