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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

Anyone hear about what Ryan Madson was doing on Friday, besides not pitching in that game? He and two of his fellow pitchers were playing around with a frisbee prior to the game. Balls, Sticks, & Stuff doesn't believe playing frisbee was the problem as much as Madson saying he couldn't pitch as a result of fatigue. Maybe he doesn't want to tell anyone that he was filling in for someone on the back nine in a game of frolf before he threw the thing around with his teammates.


So Hurdle believes the bullpen is going to do just great after the All-Star Break. But then you have those numbers at the end of that section . . .


The Rockies at the All-Star Break this decade:

2000: 45-40
2001: 39-48
2002: 42-46
2003: 50-47
2004: 36-51
2005: 31-56
2006: 44-43
2007: 44-44 or 45-43? Stay tuned.