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Monday Rockpile:

While the team tries to figure out how to make a move in the last half of 2007, certain questions for 2008 remain on the backburner. A big one is second base, where Kaz Matsui is eligible for free agency after this season. Kaz-Mat figures to get some attention as a solid option in a weak free agent class at his position. The Rockies have to decide if keeping him at whatever salary increase he's likely to command in the offseason is worth more than playing Clint Barmes or another middle infield option currently at AAA instead. It's not an easy call given that the bulk of Matsui's MLB experience is still that underwhellming performance he gave the Mets and not the stand-out job he's been doing with the Rockies. Add in his age, and I can see why the Rockies are moving cautiously before offering him a contract. After the season, the team will have a window to see if they can meet Kaz-Mat's parameters before he becomes a free agent, I'd expect by then we'll know for sure whether he'll be in a Rockies uniform for 2008 or not.

Play the video of Franklin Morales striking out three of the top minor league hitters in his appearance at the Futures Game yesterday to be put at ease about one question mark surrounding the Rockies' rotation of coming years. The above linked DP article answers the question of what the rotation will be like in the coming weeks, by the way, for those who were wondering.