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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

Somewhat predictably, some Broncos fans in the media are calling the Rockies' non-moves before the trade deadline a failure of leadership. Apparently Woody Paige, much like the Pirates' general management, hasn't seen Matt Morris pitch this season, or he wouldn't be so quick to villify here.

Paige is somewhat correct. Of our competition, we can clearly see that the Braves are improved for this season with Teixeira and Dotel, and the Padres have added enough parts to make it hard to think at least one or two won't click. Besides the Padres in the division, however, he gets it wrong with the Dodgers and D-backs, neither of which got much. Scott Proctor's stats this season are a bit deceptive, and he's at best just a solid, but run-of-the-mill middle reliever, and in Betemit they paid a fairly hefty price. The Diamondbacks needed a big bat and more starting pitching and they got neither. We'll see how this unfolds, but pronouncements of doom and gloom are still premature.

Rodrigo Lopez' injury means we get a more extended look at Ubaldo Jimenez for sure, but it could also mean we'll get to see more of Franklin Morales this season than we might have expected a couple of months ago. With Morales surging on the farm, Josh Fogg's job still isn't safe. Of course, Fogg has to be used to that feeling by now, and certainly he should expect it as a bottom of the rotation starter. Alternatively, Morales could claim Jason Hirsh's spot if he doesn't return from injury solidly. The linked article also brings up the type of return teams were expecting (Morales plus Spilborghs for Farnsworth?) and provides a glimpse why the Rockies were wise to shoot those proposals down.