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Saturday Rockpile:

So, Tim Harikkala, seems to be the suspect of choice for Sunday's start at the moment. Ah, the precipice. I figured it was a little later than this. Over the next two games, we can either jump over it by salvaging a split with the Cubs with Harikkala and Josh Fogg or we can fall in and hope for a root or something to grasp (winning in both LA and San Diego?) on our way down to save us. Beautiful. I won't strain the metaphor any further, but the team needs to step up now if there is to be any hope in September. This weekend is when it would be really good to be really lucky.

We're not the only ones in the West trying to shore up the rotation. The Padres are trying to get Kei Igawa from the Yankees, but the way Brian Cashman has conducted trade talks this season (asking for insane returns for unworthy players) makes me doubt a deal will get done.