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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: Those Guys?

While Franklin Morales is the likely preferred choice to make Saturday's start, the Rockies still have interest in Steve Trachsel and Josh Towers. Yep, Steve Trachsel. A guy with a 1.62 WHIP and more walks (62) than strikeouts (41). Young, untested power arm or a savvy veteran? The choice shouldn't be difficult.


Thomas Harding had his latest mailbag appear yesterday. In response to a question about Chris Iannetta, Harding had this to say:

I thought he played too much early. It's one thing for a veteran to have three bad weeks and come to the plate staring at a sub-.200 batting average on the scoreboard. It's a little tougher when you don't have years of big league at-bats on the back of your baseball card.

OK, let's think about this: Iannetta won the starting catcher's job out of spring training. That would lead one to believe that he'd get the playing time a starting catcher usually receives. But it was closer to a 50-50 split platoon that month than having an outright starting catcher, with Torrealba starting 14 games to Iannetta's 12.

That's not too much playing time. Too much would have been Iannetta also starting half of the games Torrealba did. Iannetta started enough games to show Hurdle that he wasn't the starter anymore.


The Tigers will reportedly sign Rick Porcello to the richest deal ever given to a high schooler. A major league contract for four years, $7.7M -- no reason to think the Rockies organization would have given that amount out. Not that that is a bad thing. Is it really prudent to hand out that amount of money?

With the signing deadline fast approaching, we'll get a better idea of how far down the Rockies first round draft pick will be. Currently, the Rockies have the 18th pick before the signing deadline. There are nine unsigned draft picks in the first 17 choices. Say all but two sign with their clubs, moving down two picks isn't all that bad.