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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

It's the nature of late season contention that every loss seems devastating to our chances. Losing to the Padres with our most consistent pitcher imploding in a route roils up doubt more than usual, though. Let's not let that happen again, Jeff. Please.

While it would be nice to win both series in this road trip, and even nicer if we could duplicate Arizona's 5-1 swing through LA and SD they did a couple of weeks ago, there are a couple of things we absolutely need to avoid. One of them is a sweep in either place, so with Ubaldo Jimenez and Aaron Cook pitching tonight and tomorrow we better pull out at least one win against the Padres. The way Los Angeles is reeling lately, winning that series to me seems to be more important as it would be a chance to bury the Dodgers and take them out of realistic contention and relegate them to the role of spoiler.

As for the our fifth starter, we're still playing "reindeer games," according to Clint Hurdle.  If Rudolph's out there, now would be a good time to invite him in to save the day.

Update [2007-8-15 18:33:31 by David OhNo]:The Rockies have acquired Ramon Ortiz from the Minnesota Twins today. The compensation (prospect fans need to be sitting down for this) is Matt Macri. To keep it classy on the front page, you can read my thoughts inside.