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Rockies acquire Ramon Ortiz from Minnesota

The Rockies have acquired Minnesota's Ramon Ortiz for Triple-A infielder Matt Macri.


This trade is part of a series of roster moves by the Rockies today, who've also promoted both Ramon Ramirez and Elmer Dessens to take spots on the 25 man roster, according to Denver Post. The Dessens call up is troubling, since it's to take Cook's place in the rotation temporarily, who might be pushed back to Saturday.

What we still don't know is who's leaving the roster. It looks as if nobody is heading down to the Springs for the time being, since the Rockies also moved Juan Morillo and Judd Songster to Triple A to take the places of Dessens and Ramirez. Taveras' trip to the DL opens up one 25 man spot, but where the other two spots, as well as the 40 man spot for Ortiz come from, is unknown to us at this time.

Ortiz is pretty much a journeyman pitcher who faced early ridicule in Minnesota for taking a roster spot away from one of their younger, talented pitchers (hmm, why does this sound familiar?). He's pitched to a 5.14 ERA between starting and relief, and has produced a meager VORP of 5.7 in 91 innings. He's long had troubles with the longball as a starter, but that hasn't been much of an issue this season. Ortiz has long caught the eye of O'Dowd and Co., but like many recent acquisitions, he comes past his prime and unlikely to make a large impact.

So, which is more disheartening to you? That we've lost Matt Macri, we've gained Ramon Ortiz, we're experiencing injury difficulties with Cook, we're being forced to rely on Dessens to start, or that we likely won't be seeing the young, talented Morales (despite prodding from players) any time soon?

-David OhNo

Update [2007-8-15 19:24:21 by David OhNo]:The story keeps getting worse. The Rocky Mountain News is now reporting that Cook is heading to the DL. For the next two weeks, our rotation could be Francis, Jimenez, Fogg, Dessens, and Ortiz. Our playoff odds just got a considerably smaller as the nightmare that started last night continues into the late afternoon hours of today. Oh please, Ubaldo, give us fans a sliver of hope tonight.