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Game #119: Jimenez vs Young

This series with the Padres just got a whole lot more nerve-racking thanks to the news of Aaron Cook's injury. The Rockies have been disappointing to me with their contributions to the news cycle today: Ramon Ortiz is in. Kentrail Davis isn't. Elmer Dessens, yes. Matt Macri, no.

I'd like at least a little sunshine in my Rockies world tonight. How about a win. Ooh, better yet, how about a historic win - like a no-hitter or a 35-3 blowout or something with Ian Stewart's first MLB homeruns, all six of them? That would be nice.

Okay, you're right. Just a win. Keep my expectations low and that way I'm not thrown into depression when we do things like trade away Matt Macri for Ramon Ortiz. Like that doesn't look desperate to anybody.

Go Rockies!