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Thursday Morning Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs: More on this in the Rockpile, but a night of sleep has tempered my initial dismay of the Matt Macri trade. One thing that's for certain is that I am very happy for the opportunity this gives to Matt that he wouldn't get with the Rockies even if we had somehow been able to keep him through this offseason.

At any rate, the immediate ramification of losing Macri and last weekend's promotion of Ian Stewart to the big leagues seems to be that other Sky Sox sluggers aren't getting as many pitches to hit. Joe Koshansky has struck out six times over the last three games after striking out once in his seven games before that. He also walked twice yesterday in an eight to four, seven inning loss to Las Vegas. Ryan Speier took the loss after surrendering five runs in one inning of work.

Tulsa: Another ramification of recent roster shuffling is that Tulsa's bullpen has been gutted. Proof of that can be seen by checking out the box score for the loser in yesterday's six to five, eleven inning loss. Yes, utility infielder Duke Sardinha added one more position to his resume with an inning on the mound after DH'ing for most of the game. Unfortunately, one of the two hits he allowed was the game winning homerun after he hit a key game tying HR the inning before. Now that I think of it, maybe pitching was just punishment for extending the game another inning. You got us into this mess, Duke, now get us out.

Modesto: Brandon Hynick left no mess in earning his fourteenth W of the year. He struck out ten in seven innings of work and allowed just five hits and two walks. Two of the hits were solo HR's for the only runs allowed, but the Nuts scored ten themselves to back him up. The bottom of the lineup did almost all the damage, with Nelson Robledo, Nick Haley and Travis Becktel scoring nine of the ten. Becktel finished a double short of the cycle and drove in five batting ninth.

Asheville: Keith Weiser wasn't so effective, getting pounded for eight runs in his first two innings and nine overall in just four innings of work. Jhaysson Agustin hit two doubles and walked once in the nine to four loss. Casey Weathers added another scoreless inning, his eighth since allowing two in his debut. He has a 14/2 K/BB in those eight innings with just one hit (none in the last seven) and seems to be everything he was advertised to be when we drafted him.

Tri-City: The Dust Devils lost five to four as a ninth inning rally came up one short. Sheng An Kuo pitched effectively over five innings, allowing just two runs on four hits and a walk. Phillip Cuadrado, Josh Banda and Michael Mitchell all had two hits for Tri-City.

Casper: Mike Vicaro's debut didn't go quite like he would have wished, as he allowed five runs (four earned) in two-thirds of an inning pitched to take the loss in relief yesterday. There are still signs of things finally perking up in Casper, David Christensen doubled twice and Jeff Cunningham and Carlos Martinez contributed two hits each in the nine to five loss.