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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Boomer to our dusty boom town? It's been discussed internally, according to Troy E. Renck. Last night's performance by U-ball has to have eased some front office butterflies -it's at least eased some of this blogger's butterflies- in regards to the state of the 'tation, but with Elmer Dessens scheduled to go tonight, there still has to be considerable uneasiness. Wells would almost certainly be step up from Dessens at the very least.

News out of Miami has Scott Olsen being on the outs if he's convicted of his DUI charges, and in my dream scenario I somehow see him slipping his penitent and talented self into one of our purple unis. Unrealistic fantasy, yes. But don't mess it up right now.

Another note in that Miami article mentions the BK for Jorge Julio trade, which has certainly worked out better for us than it did for Florida or Kim. It nudges me to give Dan O'Dowd a little leash with his most recent acquisition before making a final call.