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Friday Pebble Report

The Springs, W 3-1, L 3-5: Anyone betting on Bobby Keppel receiving a mention as a possible starter for the Rockies? He went six innings and struck out eight in the first game. Ryan Speier picked up his 30th save.

In the second game, Joe Koshansky hit his 20th homer of the season.

Tulsa, L 3-7: Aaron Rifkin and Jordan Czarniecki each hit a homer, and that was about it for the offense. Jon Asahina gave a solid six innings of two-run ball, but Matt Daley and Judd Songster couldn't hold things down and combined to give up five runs. Daley only pitched two-thirds of an inning after he threw behind a batter and the benches cleared.

Modesto, W 7-5: Jeff Kindel led the Nuts last night with three hits (one was his 13th homer) and three RBI. Justin Nelson also had three hits (two doubles) and drove in a run. Brandon Durden took the mound for the Nuts and allowed five runs in 5 2/3 innings. He did, however, strike out five and walk only one. Andrew Johnston, Jonathan George, and Tomas Santiago pitched the last 3 1/3 innings, allowed two hits, and struck out three.

Asheville, L 3-5: Daniel Mayora drove in two on a double in the sixth inning, and Mike Paulk drove in the Hector Gomez, who was on third after Mayora's double, immediately after. After allowing four runs in the third inning, Andy Graham exited the game due to injury (see comments) for Zach Simons, who struck out five over the next four innings. Will Harris struck out three over the final two innings of the game.

Jason McGill returned to his blog with his rankings for the top fielders and pitchers on the team.

Tri-City: There were no games scheduled for the NWL.

Casper, W 7-6: With two men on and one out in the bottom of the ninth, Zack Murry singled in Scott Robinson to tie the game. Chris Vasami followed with the game-winning single to center field. Brandon Miller was knocked around in the fifth inning of the game, watching six runs cross home plate. Marco Duarte, in his first game for Casper, relieved for the next four innings, allowed only one hit, and struck out three.


Jack Etkin's Farm Report will fill you in on all the movement among the minor league teams, as well as letting you know about the new guys who have recently joined the organization in the past week or so. Also, Casey Weathers is the closer for Asheville now.