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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

Franklin Morales, we turn our lonely eyes to you. With Arizona still steam-rolling over everything in their path, the Rockies need to pick up a win today to keep things relatively close. This is way too much pressure to put on any rookie, but the fact that Jimenez and Morales are getting their feet in the door this season is definitely a welcome development, even though the circumstances in which it's happening are less than ideal.

Morales and Jimenez are two of the Rockies' brighter gems that crawled out of their international program. Subscribers to Baseball America can read this article reviewing the international signing period of this year to date, and note the Rockies' conspicuous absence from the article. After going low budget in the draft -when all of our divisional competition had at least one player they stretched over slot for- I was expecting more of an effort here. Let's hope that we'll have enough already in the system a few seasons down the road to counteract this seemingly lost year of talent acquisition.