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Sunday Morning Rockpile: A Long Time Coming

Last night's game took entirely too long, and we didn't see Frankie Morales record his first win. But the pitching was able to hold together in those extra innings. That's exactly what a team playing for the wild card should do in a game like that one. Yet, this team shouldn't set its sights lower than a division title, even if the wild card is more attainable. And while Renck admits that playing for the wild card isn't the greatest thing, it still sends the message that the team had to settle for the second way to get into the playoffs. If you play for the division and fall short, you still have the wild card. If you play for the wild card and fall short, you have nothing. The same result since the '96 season.

Renck also had this to say:

The point is this: Three is better than seven. That's how many games the Padres hold over the Rockies going into Saturday's games. Three is a number that you can put your arms around. It's friendly, funny, it's Jack, Janet and Chrissy.

Using a Three's Company metaphor here for the wild card chase also includes a lie in it. Jack had to pretend that he was gay in order to move in with Janet and Chrissy. So one of those three games, according to this metaphor, will make the Rockies appear to be playing for the wild card when they really aren't. Hmmm, last night?

It's been years since I last watched the show, but I don't believe Mr. Roper ever found out that Jack lied to him, though he had his suspicions. Maybe the Rockies can pull this off and make it into the playoffs.

What a cheery thought Renck leaves us with: "This entire wobbly playoff premise, by the way, rests on the Rockies going no worse than 6-1 on the next homestand against the Pirates and Nationals." A four-game sweep of the Pirates at home? Entirely possible, though I'll put one loss here. A three-game sweep of the Nats at home? We can hope, but didn't we hope for better than a 2-2 record at RFK back in July.